Keeping energy sustainable

Doing more at the cutting edge of energy innovation

Leading the way in green energy

At SSE we are committed to doing the right thing by the environment. We have many renewable electricity sources, and we have been pioneering them for decades. They include wind, wave and hydro.

Through these sources we generate more renewable electricity than anyone else in the UK and Ireland*.

We recently completed construction of one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms, Greater Gabbard, off the coast of Suffolk.

We’re also known for our work when it comes to hydro energy and we’ve constructed the first large-scale hydro electric station in Scotland for over 50 years, Glendoe near Loch Ness. In a year of average rainfall, its output should be around 180GWh of electricity which is enough to power over 54,000†† homes.

* ††

*"We" means the SSE Group, of which SSE Energy Supply Ltd and SSE Generation Ltd are members. SSE Generation Ltd generates more renewable electricity than any other energy company in the UK. Based on installed capacity - see SSE Annual Report 2012 (May 2012) and Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics.

††Based on average household electricity consumption of 3,200 kWh a year.

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Keeping energy sustainable

Our hydro heritage

At SSE we’re proud of our hydro heritage – and we lead the way in using the natural force of water to generate power.

Wind Turbine Wind Turbine

Keeping energy sustainable

Investing in wind energy

We own and operate 910MW of onshore wind capacity in the UK and Ireland.

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