Keeping energy sustainable

Doing more at the cutting edge of energy innovation

Wind Turbine

Investing in wind energy

We own and operate 910MW of onshore wind capacity in the UK and Ireland – with great success. In August 2010, output from our wind farms exceeded customer demand in the north of Scotland. And we’ve already built on that success.

Our £500m Clyde Wind Farm was constructed in 2009, over 47 square kilometres in south central Scotland.

It contains 152 turbines generating up to 350MW of power – that’s enough for around 280,000 homes.

It has the largest wind farm Community Investment Fund in Scotland contributing £875,000 per year to local community projects.

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Keeping energy sustainable

Our hydro heritage

At SSE we’re proud of our hydro heritage – and we lead the way in using the natural force of water to generate power.

Keeping energy sustainable

Leading the way in green energy

At SSE we are committed to doing the right thing by the environment.

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