Keeping energy sustainable

Doing more at the cutting edge of energy innovation

Glendoe hydro electric scheme

Our hydro heritage

At SSE we’re proud of our hydro heritage – and we lead the way in using the natural force of water to generate power. 

SSE played a proud role in Scotland’s hydro revolution, which began in 1943 with the Hydro Electric Development Act. This delivered electricity across the Highlands and dramatically improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Scots.

By the end of the major hydro development in the 1960s Scotland had 56 dams, connected by 600km of rock tunnels, aqueducts and pipelines.

A 'boring' achievement

Building dams and power stations across Scotland’s rugged landscape was no easy feat.

Workers at St Fillans set a world tunnelling record in 1955 when they ground their way through 557 feet of rock in just a week.

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Keeping energy sustainable

Investing in wind energy

We own and operate 910MW of onshore wind capacity in the UK and Ireland.

Keeping energy sustainable

Leading the way in green energy

At SSE we are committed to doing the right thing by the environment.

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